Stallions ... Pedigrees

Our stallions are bred only from, or are in their own right, individuals who have supreme accomplishments in either stakes racing or endurance riding... and in the show ring! We have versatile, proven stallions to fit any need...

... our Straight Russian stallion SAMBIST is 22% PRIBOJ balanced with 16-19% ARAX with judicious additions of Topol, Aswan, and Salon....and tail lines to Solianka II and Mammona...

... our Polish/Russian/Crabbet stallion II DAMB MUCH is 14% Priboj/ 9% Arax through SAMBIST with the added benefit of out cross Polish/Crabbet blood from the extreme athletes, and producers of athletes and show horses, *Serafix,*Karadjordje++’', Monogramm and Remington Steele*++ ...

... and the Polish/Russian/Crabbet/Spanish Monogramm son JUST II COOL whose pedigree is full of great national and international champion show horses and who has himself Championships across the board in Halter and Competitive trail, as well as 50-60 mile endurance completions!

Study the stallions' pedigree pop-ups and write-ups on their main pages (follow links from each pedigree page), check out their foals on our client pages and please do to call Patti with questions or for references... enjoy!

1982-2007, Gaffizon x Jordjina (*Karadjordje+++)
1987-2014, Balaton x Stihia (Topol)
1999, Sambist x II Much Money (Monogramm)
1999, Monogramm x Brumarba Boque (*Barich De Washoe)
2014, Just II Cool x Moments Jennifer (Moment)

Just II Cool
JUST II COOL in native costume with Yarrow Farnsworth
ENLARGE II DAMB MUCH, in Endurance, with Becky Hart
ENLARGE SAMBIST finishing 8 lengths ahead of the pack at his retirement race at Goodwood