A Dambsel II Remember... Polish/Russian/Crabbet Mare

II Damb Much (Sambist-Monogramm) x II Remember Aluv Song (Remington Steele-Serafix)

A Dambsel II Remember
A Dambsel II Remember


Dambsel” is a great 2012 filly who has it all: beauty, brains and athletic ability! Her grandsires are Sambist and Remington Steele*++. Her great grandsires are Balaton, Monogramm, Gaffizon and SX Saladin! Her mother was my typiest “Rem” daughter who was out of Luv Notes C by SX Saladin. SX Saladin was my favorite *Serafix son I was privileged to get my start working for Rodgers/Lacey's Arabians so I knew personally most of the horses in her pedigree! “ Dambsel” is line bred *Karadjordje+++ and *Serafix, a cross that produced my best athletes in my early years of breeding. Her pedigree is also interesting because of double the Spanish influence through her maternal grandmother, Luv Notes C.

.... “Dambsel” was sold to Stacey James Ryan before she was even conceived as have been all of the foals out of the beautiful mare ALUV SONG II REMEMBER .... "Damsel” will be going to the West Coast,USA, to be stabled and coached by Becky Hart who is a good friend and riding partner of Becky and Judith. We will be retaining a foal out of “Dambsel” to keep this precious blood in the herd!!!

Thank you Stacey James Ryan!!! We expect great things out of this team!

tail female: Zulima.