Negatiw x Sonata

Salon, foaled in 1959, was bred by Tersk Stud, USSR. He died in 1984.

He sired 64 pure-bred Arabians in USSR, and was rated "Elite".

In 1971 he was exported to West Germany where he sired 24 purebred Arabians, and was rated "Class 1".

In 1980 he was exported to the US where he sired 119 purebred Arabians. He was rated "Foundation Sire".
He sired Muscat, Namiet, Moment, Podsnejnik, Plastika, Pesenka, Ponomarev, and Muslin, to name a few.

Sire line is Ibrahim DB, imported to Poland, via Skowronek, sire of Naseem.
Dam line is Emese DB, imported to France, via Kankara, granddam of Sonata.

Race record 2/19(1-5-3).

25% Crabbet