Straight Russian... our exciting new program

Straight Russian mares
Our three straight russian mares (left to right) Taratantara, Penamore and Moments Jennifer, with respectively Sarah Hare, Jerel Harris and Katlyn Heath up

"Endy" our Moment rescue mare.

Taratantara with her filly
Taratantara trotting with her filly Takit II The Limit by II Damb Much

In 2013 we teamed up with Fast Track Farms adding precious Straight Russian racing blood to our program.

We will maintain a small Straight Russian herd and also use the Russian blood to outcross to our Polish/Crabbet/Spanish lines maintaining our reputation for producing strong, versatile, athletic "using" horses

Read the full story of our Russian endeavor on "Our Straight Russian and Polish/Russian Cross Programs" page!

Please read “Mykol's fascinating Story” HERE... and how we ended up bringing him home!

For our new Straight Russian herd we chose mares that have the style, beauty and physical prowess of the classic Arabian war horse... big, bold, powerful, sound, strong boned, pasture raised tough, intelligent yet pretty enough "using" Arabians that bond superbly with their rider.

We picked only Russian Arabians who came from strong families (especially female families) of outstanding athletes, bred only from those individuals who have distinguished themselves in either racing or endurance riding, while still paying attention to classic type.

The mares, and the one stallion Mykol, are really Russian Treasures… all are “black type" bred, that is all are by stakes winners and/or stakes producing athletes.

A stakes race is basically a race between winners, so that a stakes winner is a winner among winners:

TARATANTARA “Tara” a *Novator daughter
MOMENTS JENNIFER “Endy” a *Moment daughter
PENAMORE “Pena”, a Fast Ptrack daughter
FAST TRISHIA “Trisha” a Fast Ptrack daughter
FAH STOIKA "Fahs"; a Fast Ptrack daugher
STOIKHA II “Stoi” a Drug granddaughter
MEDSNAIA “Meds” a *Moment/*Tamerlan granddaughter
MARISKA "Risky" a Sambist daughter
MYKOL - Stallion, a Fast Ptrack son/Novator daughter

More information is available on their individual pages (follow links in the list above). You can also refer to the Pedigree dropdown. The pedigrees include links (look for small red or green triangles next horses names) for lots of information and photos on the various horses within the pedigree.

The heritage of the Arabian horse is that of the world's most beautiful horse, but also prized by European Calvary for exceptional endurance and toughness. Due to this reputation nearly all saddle horses in the world have had an admixture of Arabian blood.

We have tried our best to honor this part of the breed's heritage by selecting for and breeding this type of Arabian horse!