Jacki Day

Jacki means the world to Patti, friends for 25 years. Jacki's horses epitomize everything that Phase II-Fast Track has worked for 40 years to accomplish... the kind of horse you can show one weekend, trail ride the next and trust with your kids!

"My Remy gives lessons and is so good with beginners. Roper Ranch thinks she is exceptional the way she behaves with children and beginners, and becomes more reactive with more experienced riders. She has been so good at everything she does. She did her Dad (Rem) proud , didn't she?"
- Jacki

Jacki Day riding CR Lady Remington on trail
Jacki riding CR LADY REMINGTON on trail

"I remember the first time I saw Remington Steele*++ he got Top Ten Halter stallion at Scottsdale aged 16 years even though he hadn't shown in Halter in ten years. He emerged from the ring, this gorgeous high spirited horse snorting and blowing from the excitement of challenging the other stallions. Patti changed his halter, said "Rem, a baby!", and put a 2 year old child on his back who rode him to his stall. Patti then left the stallion's stall open so people could wander in and out at will and he just stood so calmly and greeted everyone. Amazing. What other stallion could do that?"
- Jacki

"CR Lady Remington has done it all and every bit of it excellent !! Am I proud? You bet I am!!!"
- Jacki

"Remington Steele*++ was who he was largely due to you Patti - don't forget that!. You enabled him to fulfil his potential. Any other owner may have inhibited that. You gave him all the opportunities to be the best in many worlds. I am one of the many beneficiaries of your special bond having two of his offspring. Thank you Patti for sharing him"

with Baby
With Baby
with Child
With child
Equine Services for Heros: Equest
Equine Services for Heros
Remy Martin
Remy Martin aka "Jackson", always the patriot, pulling a buggy celebrating 4th July
Jacki Day Horses
(upper left & right): The brilliant CR LADY REMINGTON winning the trail class with Lou Roper (lower left) CR LADY REMINGTON in dressage

Remy Martin and CR Lady Remington
(top) CR LADY REMINGTON; (middle left) Remy, sport horse in hand; (middle right) Remy the show horse; (lower left) Remy in a Dressage test; (lower right) Photo showing just how wonderfully white Remy is!
Remy Martin
Remy Martin "Jackson", photo used on cover of the "HORSES FOR HEROS" veterans brochure